Farm Waste Recycling

Craft Planet recycles farm wastes into wood pellets and briquettes for domestic and industrial heating purpose instead of using charcoal and firewood (Our forest aren’t fuel). Our pellets and briquettes are designed for use in households, Read More...

Waste Plastics Recycling

we recycle plastics into plastic bars, planks, interlocks and roof tiles which can be used to produce furniture, school chairs and tables, flooring, fence building, kiosk building and perhaps cheaper and instant housing for less privilege Read More...

Humus Soil Production

We also produce humus for agricultural purpose which can swiftly replace the use of inorganic fertilizer. Our organic soil (humus) is produce from recycled farm wastes, and are great sources of nutrient for greenhouse farms and sack farmers Read More...

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With our pellet stoves, indoor and outdoor cooking becomes safer for our women

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